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How to be the best eye care customer


Good customer service is a two-way relationship. It is earned when the relationship between eye doctor and patient is established. A good eye doctor and a cooperative patient make a trip to the eye clinic a much better experience. It should be noted that it is not only the patient that has expectations but the eye doctor as well. So how does one become the best eye care customer? prescription


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Arrive early or on schedule. Punctuality is always appreciated so make sure to set a reminder for your visit to the eye clinic. It also pays to confirm with the eye doctor a day before the visit if there are changes in the schedule so that adjustments can be made.


Preparing as much eye-related information as possible also helps. Think and write down information that would become valuable in determining your eye condition. Ask yourself when symptoms of eye problems were encountered; what have you been doing when it happened; how often it occurs; does your family have a history of eye conditions or diseases; are there past and current health conditions–such as diabetes or high blood pressure–and if any, are there medications being taken that can affect eyesight. It is also worth disclosing if you have been into working conditions that could have caused stress to the eyes.


At the clinic, you should expect to undergo basic eye exams that could last from 30 minutes to an hour. During this period, cooperation of best eye care customer is required.

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The eye doctor will perform basic eye tests other than the most common visual acuity tests wherein a patient is asked to read random letters like from the Snellen chart. Among the eye exams is eye muscle movement test which is done to check if you can visually track a moving object.  Then there is the cover test that will determine if both eyes work together. In this test, the eye doctor will make you stare at objects from different distance and with each eye alternately covered and uncovered. The eye doctor may also use a phoropter to determine the lens prescription suited for you.


Glaucoma test may be performed as well. Glaucoma testing is done to test if fluid pressure inside the eyes is normal. This is a painless test that usually takes only a few seconds.


Lastly, to end the appointment with the eye doctor best eye care customer should remember to bring applicable health cards. Inquire also from the eye clinic if they offer processing of vision insurance.