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Mason desires for a revolutionary escape from the monopolized eye-wear industry and it took three free-thinkers to collaborate and carry out the vision of providing high-quality, stylish, and affordable eyeglasses.

Urged by the apparent domination of few companies in the eyewear business, three guys decided to put up a business that would change the way we view, buy, and use eyeglasses. The current monopoly in the industry causes eyeglasses to be expensive, thus, only few can actually afford high-quality and stylish eyewear. This neglects the prime and basic purpose why eyeglass companies exists – that is, to provide aid and care for our eyes. Mason Eyewear rose to address this need of providing affordable, yet high-quality eyeglasses to people. We envision a business that puts its customers at top priority. Mason Eyewear will leave you money in the bank, and not just make you settle for the $500.00 price tag.

Unique. Affordable. Stylish. Trendy.
Trends? Styles? Hand-picked by designers from Italy and other inspirational designer outlets, our brand caters eyewear that exquisitely bring out unique styles that will suite a variety of fashion taste.

Traveling served as an inspiration for our brand. Our eyewear is made to be worn everywhere! Moreover, at the heart of our designs is the creation of stylish and trendy glasses listed and inspired by an American City. There is already no need of buying those expensive eyeglasses just to be in the trend because we offer them at much cheaper prices!

Quality At Its Best!
Quality is never compromised. Our lenses are made of CR-39 plastic that is 100% optically correct and has 50% lower visual distortion than polycarbonate. Our lenses also provide 100% UV protection with top quality anti-reflection options.

The frames are hypoallergenic, lightweight and from acetate derived from renewable resources. Thus, we offer the best eye glasses that provide you with only the best eye care and utmost aid in vision.

The Name Game
Our company is inspired by the aims and visions of Freemasons. Like this fraternity of free-thinkers, we created Mason, a brand for those who do not settle for the status quo and want a revolutionary perspective in providing people the best and affordable eye care.
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